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Cataract Care

All people are not the same, all eyes are not the same, and all cataracts are not the same. Rather than perform the same cataract operation on the every eye, we personalize the procedure for each patient to optimize the post-operative results. Emphasizing safety, comfort, and rapid recovery, we attempt to decrease a patient’s dependability on glasses for distance and/or near vision.

Small incision suture-less cataract surgery, without the use of needles, stitches or patches, has been our standard since 1998.

Foldable, acrylic lenses with ultraviolet light filtration are our standard lenses. Additional options available to our patients:

  • Toric intraocular lenses or Limbal Relaxing Incisions – this is an option for patients with regular corneal astigmatism who wish to decrease their dependence on glasses for distance vision.
  • Crystalens accommodating intraocular lenses – these lenses are for patients who wish to decrease their need for glasses at all distances. FDA studies show that 80% of patients with these lenses in both eyes can perform most activities of daily living without the need for glasses. The accommodating type of lens does not have concentric rings, but is very thin and moves back and forth in the eye as the patient focuses. While the range of focus is slightly less than the multifocal lenses, there is no glare or halos. This lens is preferred in patients who require good distance and intermediate vision and who do not mind wearing glasses to read.
  • Restor, ReZoom, and Technis multifocal intraocular lenses – The multifocal lenses have a set of concentric rings with multiple focusing powers and are best for those who require good distance and reading vision. As a result of their design, patients will experience some glare and halos while driving at night. This is due to loss of contrast sensitivity. Near vision is best in patients with small pupils.

There is an added expense for the “premium” lenses. Our staff will be happy to evaluate you to see if you are a candidate and help personalize the choice for you.

Collectively our surgeons have performed over 27,000 cataract operations. All cases were performed under topical anesthesia, thereby minimizing the need for deep sedation or stronger anesthetic agents. This technique allows for rapid recovery, both visually and medically.

We perform surgeries at our state-of-the-art surgery center located across the street from our office. The Camp Lowell Surgery Center was developed by Dr. Kaye and his colleagues to create an environment in keeping with the professional ideals of the latest technology, outstanding staff, and a comfortable, compassionate setting.