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Patients & Physicians Choose Tucson Eye Care

Patients and referring physicians choose The physician at Tucson Eye Care because of our extraordinary credentials, experience, and personalized approach to ophthalmic care.

  • The Tucson Eye Care Staff provides a compassionate, personalized, and professional environment
  • Tucson Eye Care provides highest quality diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance for cataract, glaucoma, Diabetes, and Macular Degeneration
  • State of the Art diagnostic technology, computers, and techniques
  • Tucson Eye Care has a strong working relationship with referring community physicians


Thank you for everything. I appreciate everyone’s hard work, compassion, and professionalism.
Janice D

You are such an excellent eye doctor and I just want to thank you for all you have done for me to have such wonderful, excellent vision. I just can’t thank you enough.
Sonya S

You are the best eye surgeon in Tucson! You gave me back my eyesight and quality of life back! Thank you for everything.
Dawn S

Little did I know when I was developing the laser back in the 60’s that it would be a commonly used tool to improve vision. 10 years after Dr. Kaye did my cataract surgery, I developed cloudy vision which he reversed using a laser.
Dr. Nicolaas Bloembergen